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Welcome to your luxurious new apartment,
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Intelligent interiors

As soon as you set foot in your apartment, you’ll feel right at home.

Each of the 17 apartments boasts spacious living areas along with generous terraces or balconies.

Contemporary interiors are light-filled and have a soft, neutral colour palette, providing a stylish and relaxed elegance. Bespoke bathrooms, kitchens and dressing areas all reflect the latest in interior design and are indicative of the quality of finishes, which include plush carpets, quality tiles and fabulous appliances.

While your first impressions will no doubt be very positive, you’ll be even more delighted when you notice the attention to detail. A lift provides direct access from your apartment floor to the underground parking, with secure storage areas. Of course, access to the parking, impressive ground floor lobby and your apartment is secure.

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Features and inclusions

Each apartment is finished to the very highest standards.

Reverse cycle air conditioning Quiet, efficient climate control, all year round. Quality carpets and tiles Enjoy the feel of plush carpets and designer tiles under your feet. Reconstituted stone bench tops Few things are as modern and practical as reconstituted stone. Bosch compact dishwasher Renowned for their quiet efficiency and sparkling results. Bosch oven and cook top Precise temperature control helps make every meal a winner. LG microwave and refrigerator The easy way to keep things fresh and tasty.
Fisher & Paykel washing machine One of the most recommended washers in the country. Ample storage A place for everything, and everything in its place. Secure access All entrances are secure for extra peace of mind.

Inside your apartment

Take a look at the quality of the design and finishes in a typical apartment

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Frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to some of the more common questions you might have.

Q. What upfront costs will I incur when leasing an apartment at Waterfront Living?
A. Should you wish to secure an apartment at Waterfront Living, a Reservation Fee of $500 is payable. Should you decide not to proceed with the Lease at the end of the 21 day reservation period, the $500 fee is refunded, less $100 which is deducted to cover our administration costs.

If you proceed with the Lease the Reservation Fee is deducted from the Deposit, which is equal to 10% of the Lease Premium. This is payable on signing both the Agreement to Lease and the Lease.

Upon signing the agreements you will have an additional 3 day ‘cooling-off’ period. If at any time during this period you decide not to proceed, and terminate the lease by notice in writing, the Deposit less the $100 administration fee will be refunded and the agreements terminated.

The Deposit is held in trust by our Solicitors until completion of your apartment. The balance of the agreed Lease Premium is payable on settlement at the time your apartment is ready to occupy.
Q. What contracts will I need to sign?
A. When buying retirement accommodation prior to its completion, you will need to sign an Agreement to Lease and Lease. This protects your rights during the construction period and guarantees occupancy of your chosen apartment upon completion. The Lease deals with your ongoing rights and obligations during your period of residency.

If you purchase your apartment after building works have been completed you will only need to sign a Lease.

A copy of the applicable agreement/s will be provided to you upon receipt of the Reservation Fee, for you and/or your solicitors or advisers to review. If however, you would like to review the relevant agreement/s prior to reserving an apartment, please contact our sales representative who will gladly make a copy available.
Q. What are the costs involved in living at Waterfront Living, how are they calculated and when are they payable?
A. The costs include a Deferred Management Fee, a Long Term Maintenance Fund Contribution (which are payable when your apartment is re-leased), and a monthly Service Fee. These are set out as follows:

Deferred Management Fee
The Deferred Management Fee is calculated on the New Lease Premium received by us from a new resident for a lease of your apartment. The fee is calculated at 5% per annum (calculated on a pro-rata daily basis) from the date of commencement until the New Lease Premium is received up to 6 years. From years 6 inclusive up to 12 years the fee reduces to 1% per annum. The Deferred Management Fee irrespective of your length of occupancy must not exceed 36% of the New Lease Premium.

In the event that you decide that apartment living is not for you, and you give 90 days notice to permanently vacate your apartment for any reason within 12 months of the commencement date of your lease, you will not be required to pay a Deferred Management Fee.

Long Term Maintenance Fund Contribution
It is in the interest of us and the resident that the Village is at all times maintained to a high standard. You will benefit every day from having superior surroundings and your investment in the Village will have every opportunity to be protected and appreciated.

The Long Term Maintenance Fund is similar in structure to a body corporate sinking fund, in that it is designed to fund major works and maintain the Village’s quality over the long term.

During your occupancy at Waterfront Living, the costs of capital maintenance will be met by the Long Term Maintenance Fund which is funded by the Long Term Maintenance Fund Contribution payable by you when your apartment is re-leased. This process negates the need to apply higher periodic levies to meet capital works.

The fee applicable to this fund is 0.5% per annum calculated on the New Lease Premium, multiplied by the number of years (or part thereof calculated on a daily basis) from the date of commencement until the New Lease Premium is received. Your contribution to this fund however will not exceed 6% of the New Lease Premium irrespective of how long you reside in the apartment.

The structure of the Deferred Management Fee and the Long Term Maintenance Fund Contribution have both been developed to minimise their impact on your lifestyle, and your financial commitment during your residency – a comfort if you are on a pension or fixed income. The structure also ensures that our facilities remain at a high standard.

Monthly Service Fee
The Service Fee has been set at $110 per week (GST inclusive) and covers daily costs such as ongoing maintenance of the buildings, public liability and property insurance (but not insurance for your personal contents), security lighting, grounds maintenance, access to facilities including The Squires, administrative costs, direct staff costs, maintenance of Village vehicles and audit fees. This fee will be paid monthly in advance and will cover all services that the Village is contracted to supply. The Service Fee will usually increase in line with CPI movements.

A Service Fee of $110 per week for all of the services on offer from excellent facilities represents exceptional value for money.
Q. What are the Council and Water Rates at Waterfront Living and who is responsible for them?
A. The resident is liable for meeting all Council and water rates that are applicable to their apartment. The rates applicable to individual apartments however cannot be determined until the Occupancy Permit has been issued. That said, indicative costs can be provided on request. Council and water rates for the communal areas of the Village form part of the Village’s Outgoings funded by the services fees paid by residents.
Q. What are the communal facilities that will be available to residents of Waterfront Living?
A. Stage 1 of the development will include the construction of “Squires”, the social hub of the complex.
The facilities on offer will include:

• Library and internet cafe for quiet contemplation and research on that next holiday
• Sports Bar for a social glass of wine or catch up with friends or to watch the big game on the large screen TV
• A Café for quality coffee/teas and snacks in a relaxed environment overlooking gardens with a fantastic gas log fire for those bleak days
• A private dining room featuring a garden aspect
• An alfresco kitchen with BBQ for social gatherings on a fantastic north facing timber deck
• A kitchen for self-catering of functions
• A private communal garden for the green thumbs.
Q. Do I need legal or financial advice before leasing an apartment at Waterfront Living?
A. It is important that you feel totally satisfied about leasing an apartment at Waterfront Living. While you may just use a conveyancing service as you would when buying a traditional residential property, we recommend that you do consult your solicitor or accountant for peace of mind.
Q. What level of care is available at Waterfront Living?
A. Waterfront Living promotes independent living. Our apartments can be adapted to disability requirements, but they are not designed to the disability code. There are no emergency call bells installed in either the apartments or units. You may have clinical care delivered to your apartment to recover after an acute episode or injury, but ongoing and permanent clinical interventions designed specifically to keep you living in your apartment is not always possible or feasible for reasons of personal safety due to the design of the apartment. In these circumstances we will discuss more appropriate living options with you that may be available for your continued comfort and safety.
Q. What storage facilities are available?
A. Each apartment has a secure caged storage area adjacent to their allocated car park in the basement car park. This area is available for your personal storage.
Q. What are the security arrangements in the apartments?
A. All entry points to the apartment building are secure. Access to the car park is via an electronic entry device which will be allocated to residents for vehicle access. Pedestrian access via any of the external entry doors to the building will be controlled via similar electronic devices. All entry doors have an intercom which allows direct communication with each apartment. Entry permission to the building via the intercom can be governed by you.
Q. Will I have to pay Stamp Duty at settlement of my apartment?
A. As you would expect in a development of the standard of Waterfront Living, all apartments will be equipped with the facility to connect to pay TV and broadband internet.