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Lyndoch Living

Lyndoch Living’s history has been a journey of growth and expansion to meet the aged and extended care needs of Victoria’s South West. From a 12 bed hostel established in 1952, Lyndoch Living has grown to now be a major provider of care and services to our community.

Our services enable a range of people, irrespective of age, to lead totally unique lives through the provision of support, advice and care where and when they need us. Lyndoch Living is an organisation you can implicitly trust to treat you with respect, compassion and dignity in every interaction.

From offices in Warrnambool, Hamilton and Portland, we provide services daily to more than 670 individuals either in their own home or on an outpatient basis, with services designed to enhance their life and circumvent the need for permanent residential care. These services are delivered to those with an assessed need irrespective of their age.