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The Squires is the
heartand soul of the
Waterfront community

The Squires

Every community needs a heart, a central focus that brings people together. At Waterfront that heart is The Squires – a purpose-built community centre where residents will come to relax and enjoy new and old friendships alike.

The Squires is the perfect place to share a coffee, a glass of wine or a snack with friends and visitors, and a central hub where you can meet for a drink or a chat.

While regular organised events such as card nights, movie screenings, billiards and barbecues on the adjoining terrace are regular occurrences at The Squires, the focus is on meeting friends, or even spending quiet time alone, in an informal, welcoming place you call home.

The Café has a well-equipped kitchen and is a great place to share a coffee and cake with fellow residents, while the Sports Bar features a billiard table and theatre projector system and surround sound with where you can watch a movie or a sporting event. The library is ideal for a quiet read, or to research a holiday destination.  There’s a meeting room too, and a Private Dining room for celebrating those special occasions.

The Squires is the heart and soul of the Waterfront community, fed by friendship and goodwill.